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Welcome and Hello,

If you are on this site, you probably feel like I do – your pets are part of your family. They are ‘our special kids’ – the ones that don’t usually talk back. I know how I worry about ‘my kids’ when I am away from them and how I appreciate it when a responsible animal lover checks up on them.

When I am with your pets, you can trust that their needs are being met, that they are being exercised, played with, fed, talked to, and loved in the environment that is most comfortable and familiar to them. 

Safe and happy, that is what we all wish for ‘our special kids’ and that is my promise to you.


Personal Information

I became the Princeton Pet Nanny because I enjoy/love/am dedicated to animals and their well being. My name is Bonnie Tivenan and I live in Princeton near Mountain Lakes Park. During my 25 years of teaching, I always struggled with the long days and vacations breaks away from my pets. That’s why I decided upon retirement to provide high quality, reliable pet services at reasonable rates.

Most of my life, I have had at least two dogs and numerous cats, as well as too many fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, and birds to count. I enjoy young, active animals, who are similar to the kids I once taught but I also have a special place in my heart for elderly or infirmed animals as over the years we’ve had many.

It would be a pleasure to meet you and your furry/feathered/finned companion(s) at your convenience.

Bonnie Tivenan, the Princeton Pet Nanny

My Telephone number is 609 306-1729 and my e-mail address is:



*30 minute = Dog visit

$18.00 (per visit) Up to 2 dogs. 

(Additional dogs $5.00 each.)


*30 minute = Cat/Critter visit 

$18.00 per visit (Up to 3 cats or little critters) 

Additional cats/critters $3.00 each.


24 Hour Over Night Care for Dogs

*4  Visits per day. Minimum of 30 minutes for each visit  = $65.00 

 *These services  include walking, feeding, watering, pet waste clean up, and lots of attention and loving. Plant watering, bringing in the mail, and newspapers also included.


Services Limited to immediate Princeton Area

Telephone:  609  306-1729  


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